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Black/red copper crowntail.

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Pretty.. *.*

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Math and Science Week!

aseantoo submitted to medievalpoc:

David Unaipon

[x], [x], [x]

David Unaipon (1872-1967) was an Australian Aboriginal inventor, preacher and writer.

Nicknamed the Australian Leonardo da Vinci, he provisionally patented 19  inventions, but was unable to afford to get any of them fully patented. He also came up with ideas for a helicopter design based on the boomerang, researched the polarisation of light and tried to create a perpetual motion machine.

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Eel Walker by Mark Newman

19 x 28 x 5 inches. Bronze Casting. 2009


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straight people are terrifying they can go as far as to give the girl skeleton a pair of bone titties to indicate its a straight relationship

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